The Personal Search

Buddhism these days is offered to you in many flavours and it is sometimes difficult to find the right direction to follow.

Essentially, Buddhism is not dogmatic and should help you to find the truth within. Always seek groups or teachers who encourage you in a positive way and who assist with problems in a compassionate way. Avoid those who seek to dazzle you or who pressure you for money or other goods.

Buddhism is not a way to escape the world and its problems, but a way to find happiness in the midst of the turmoil. Be kind to yourself in your search, knowing that each individual has different circumstances and refrain from measuring your achievements or failures against others.

Be open and aware of both good and bad influences and be ready to learn from both. Have confidence in your own ability to reach a personal truth, and be daring in your search for enlightenment.

Know that everything you do, small or large, has an effect on your future and the future of the world.

Poem by Mary Hendriks. For other poems by Mary, click here.
(Public domain image via Flickr)